Viewing and managing your OTT, FAST or traditional broadcast channel

Posted on by Martin Whittaker's user interface is simple and easy to use and includes an in-line video window

In this video, Martin Whittaker demonstrates the Playlist User Interface in to control OTT, FAST or Traditional Broadcast Channel within Stream. Stream offers users all the features found in a broadcast grade automation systems, including live inputs, video/audio mixing and shuffling, captioning/subtitling (Teletext, 607/708, DVB, SCTE27), DAI Signal Insertion (SCTE 104 and SCTE 35) and full branding capabilities. Designed and built by the team behind Evertz’ Emmy® Award winning playout technology, Stream is fully user-configurable, which simplifies and streamlines the launching of new playout channels.

Martin Whittaker
Technical Product Director