How to set up a channel in

Posted on by Martin Whittaker

It's so easy to launch a OTT, FAST or traditional broadcast channel in under 5 minutes

In this video, Martin Whittaker demonstrates how easy and quick it is to setup a OTT, FAST or Traditional Broadcast Channel within Stream. Stream offers users all the features found in a broadcast grade automation systems, including live inputs, video/audio mixing and shuffling, captioning/subtitling (Teletext, 607/708, DVB, SCTE27), DAI Signal Insertion (SCTE 104 and SCTE 35) and full branding capabilities. Designed and built by the team behind Evertz’ Emmy® Award winning playout technology, Stream is fully user-configurable, which simplifies and streamlines the launching of new playout channels.

Martin Whittaker
Technical Product Director